DERT 2005: Mrs Day's Diary

“Where's DERT then?” (Do some team members never take anything in?) “Preston, Lancashire I reminded them” ...... “Do we need a passport, will we be allowed to leave?” were some of the comments. We looked it up on a map and decided to take a chance. We actually had four completely new rapper dancers so were able to take two teams. Preston did not seem to be flush with backpackers or youth hostels, obviously not a place for tourists, so we plumped on the indoor camping. Then the rules arrived. Did we understand them, Yes! - No! - we had twelve different interpretations of what they meant. We're still not quite sure we understand them even now.

As we were also trying to get the Phoenix girls there, the transport took some organising, more like an Everest expedition, but we eventually sorted it out and off we went. We all had a great weekend, some of the dance spots were small, very small, but we didn't have to walk as far as we did in Bath. We could have done better but our new team did really well led by our indomitable Lizzie who acted not only as No 1 but Tommy as well. We're awaiting the judges marks and comments so we know what to work on for next year.

I would like to congratulate the organisers, not an easy task to organise that many teams, especially with the new format, and next year it's in Yorkshire!! We'll be there.

Jenny Day