The Kingsmen meet the Queen's Men

The Kingsmen were booked via the Internet to perform at a Freedom of the City day in Paderborn, Germany, organised by the British Army. On Whit Bank Holiday weekend a crack squad of five dancers, a Tommy (ho ho) and two musicians (a spare in case they broke one) were flown out and parachuted into the danger zone in a carefully organised mission. Once there they mingled undercover with locals and squaddies alike, drinking in the bars of Paderborn until the dawn of D (for dance) day arrived. They then danced rapper and longsword on outdoor stages around the town centre, melting slowly in the sweltering conditions. Plenty of liquids were taken on through the night until dawn arrived again and our brave heroes were flown back out. An army spokesman said “Organising that lot was like trying to herd cats.” The team are now considering peddling their wares on eBay – candles made from the scooped up molten fat.

Chris Cartridge