Toronto Womens Sword To Visit Stone Monkey

Spokeswoman Ilya Parkins records....

“Toronto Women's Sword is a rapper and longsword team established in 1988. We have performed at festivals, dance events and schools across eastern Canada and the eastern U.S., as well as one trip to England, in 1996.

“In the last year, we've taken part in English dance weekends New York City (Half Moon Sword Ale), Marlboro, VT (Marlboro Morris Ale), and our very own Toronto (Toronto Morris Ale); and at folk community events in Toronto. In October of 2003, we were pleased to be hired to perform for a weekend at historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

“On April 17, 2004 we held our final fundraiser for our trip to England a benefit concert at the Acoustic Harvest Folk Club, featuring some of the Toronto area's most established traditional musicians, and some exciting up-and-comers. It was a great success. Between now and our trip to England, we will be doing lots of street dancing, as well as performing at the London (Ontario) Morris Ale and a weekend of English Country dance with caller Colin Hume - both in June”

The team will be the guests of Stone Monkey during the weekend of July 16th - 18th, and will be based in the Sheffield area. In addition to the usual hospitality, plans include a workshop, pub tours, a visit to the Peak District and dancing at Kelnam Island Museum. The team will move on to Barnsley as the guests of Barnsley Longsword we presume.