Tyzack Swords...
Where are they now?

Paul Davenport was gifted these two sets of swords by Mike Wilson-Jones who is the Hon. Treasurer for the EFDSS. Mike knows very little about the swords except that they once belonged to a group called ‘Whirligig’. Jenny's researches have turned up a group of that name which took part, in 1926, in the annual dance competition at the home of Lord and Lady Lilford - the group was based in Emberton and danced the Haxby sword dance.


The swords are very distinctive in that both sets are mirror finished – not stainless, we tried the magnet – but almost chrome plated in appearance. They bear the Tyzack logo, but no patent number. It is my understanding that Tyzack longswords are rarer then hens teeth, and this wonderfully pristine set appear to have been used very little. The rappers too appear to be unused. Can anyone add anything to the provenance of these swords, we would love to hear from you. The shiny Tyzacks, are displayed here by Paul Davenport, EDS editor and Rebecca Grainger of Phoenix Sword